Walkways in Singapore …

One of the things that I do like about Singapore is how the city have managed to blend the harsh look of concrete with nature. Unlike Hong Kong, the island doesn’t feel like it’s all business. There are things to do for everyone – young and old.

There are a number of walkways around Singapore – sometimes called the ‘5 foot way’ – a place to walk or run. I had the opportunity to do a number of walks around Singapore – the Alexandra/Henderson Wave/Vivo City walkway, the Labrador/Keppel Bay/Vivo City walkway and the Changi walkway.

Alexandra/Henderson Wave/Vivo City Walkway – approximately 3-4 km

The walk started at the Alexandra Arch – a bridge along Alexandra Road that leads to the walkway. The walkway heads east and then south towards Vivo City.

This was taken from my office building – it shows the interesting architecture for a new apartment block called The Interlace and the surrounding greenery. You can just make out the Alexandra Arch at the bottom left of the picture below.

Interlace - 20130315 - 2

The second picture was also taken from my office building showing the canopy and the walkway (left of the photo) snaking through the trees.

Tree - Canopy - HDR

It was a lovely day, sunny if not humid – so bring an extra pair of tees (or two) to change to keep you dry after the walk. All along the walkway, you will see the fauna native to Singapore – flowers and insects, and of course other man made structures to keep us comfortable in the surroundings even though we are somewhat in the “wild”.

Alexandra Board Walk - 20130310 - 6

Alexandra Board Walk - 20130310 - 4

You shouldn’t get away without the obligatory sightings of creepy crawlies – colourful spiders the size of small gherkin – about 5-6 cms long for the body.

Alexandra Board Walk - 20130310 - 7

Alexandra Board Walk - 20130310 - 28

This goldish looking ant was running around scooping up water from the drops of rain that was still on the ground.

Alexandra Board Walk - 20130310 - 17

The walkway cuts through the Alexandra Park and head towards the Henderson Wave – a man made structure for the public to enjoy and a resting place for the not-so-fit.

Alexandra Board Walk - 20130310 - 22

From here we are on the last leg towards Vivo City. You can see parts of the city area and the bays. The most interesting thing (for me anyway) is the difference between public housing and private housing, and also how much public housing has progressed throughout the years here in Singapore.

Alexandra Board Walk - 20130310 - 23

Alexandra Board Walk - 20130310 - 25

The walkway towards Vivo City goes through Mt. Faber, the start of the cable car towards Sentosa Island, just after the water.

Alexandra Board Walk - 20130310 - 27

Labrador/Keppel Bay/Vivo City Walkway – approximately 2km

The Labrador/Keppel Bay/Vivo City walkway is just south of the Alexandra/Henderson Wave/Vivo City walkway. The walkway starts from the Labrador MRT station, and heads east towards Vivo City.

This walk should be done around sunset to enjoy the scenery. As you can see from the picture below, Labrador Park has lots of greenery.

Keppel Bay Board Walk - 20130315 - 1

The park takes you to the bay, and at the right time, a great place to enjoy the sunset. It is unfortunately closer to the industrial end of the island with the petroleum refineries close by.

Keppel Bay Board Walk - 20130315 - 8

The walk takes us along the water’s edge, passing the Dragon’s Teeth Gate – a craggy outcrop used as a gateway to Keppel Harbour in the old days.

Here we passed Reflections, a private condominium, along Keppel Bay. As the day suggests, the apartment did not disappoint us with it’s name – the reflections of the sunlight at various times presents an interesting view of the building.

Keppel Bay Board Walk - 20130315 - 32

Keppel Bay Board Walk - 20130315 - 63

Keppel Bay Board Walk - 20130315 - 105

Keppel Bay Board Walk - 20130315 - 129

Walking through Reflections to the Carribean (another private apartment) lies the yachts moored all around. Wish I could say one of them was mine – unfortunately it will only be a dream.

Keppel Bay Board Walk - 20130315 - 93

From Keppel Bay, you can see across to Keppel Island (Singapore’s private island). The restaurant (with the round dome) is Prive – a new style of F&B on the island.

Keppel Bay Board Walk - 20130315 - 116

The Carribean at night.

Keppel Bay Board Walk - 20130315 - 121

The Superstar Virgo cruise ship was anchored in the bay area before it’s departure on one of the many cities in Asia.

Keppel Bay Board Walk - 20130315 - 138

Changi Boardwalk – approximately 2km

The Changi Boardwalk starts from the Changi Beach and goes along the water’s edge, west and north bound. From the walk you can see the kelongs and Pulau Ubin.

Changi Board Walk - 20130317 - 1

The walk along the beach passes through the Changi Beach Club.

Changi Board Walk - 20130317 - 4

Changi Board Walk - 20130317 - 7

The walk took us to the Kelong to enjoy the sunset there.

Changi Board Walk - 20130317 - 2

Changi Board Walk - 20130317 - 13

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